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Our therapists provide music therapy to kids, teens, and adults who struggle with mental health. 

Music Therapy for Mental Health

My Mission

Welcome to North Star Therapy

Our mission is to provide high quality, specialized music therapy services to those who struggle with mental health, provide a safe space for feeling, expressing emotions, coping, and healing, and ultimately improve the quality of mental health care and outcomes for kids, teens, and adults.

Meet Our Music Therapists


E. Craven MT-BC

18320912_1309749495745549_2599019517367309221_o (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Autumn Langston MT-BC

IMG_9674 (1).jpg

Taylor Cockrum, MT-BC

We believe


That you deserve a safe space where you can express yourself without fear of judgement.

That you have agency in your life, over your body and actions.   


That you have within you what you need to heal or reach your goals, and as therapists it's our role to help you access this. 

Music impacts the brain, body and emotions, and can help us to access and express feelings, cope with stress and self-regulate, heal from trauma, understand ourselves and make breakthroughs in progress. 

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