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Sometimes we need to DO things, rather than just talk. We specialize in helping adults who want to find creative ways to tackle mental health challenges. 

Music Therapy for Adults

The Mental Health Benefits Of Music Therapy

For Adults

Available Services for Adults

  •  Virtual music therapy services (telehealth) 

Topics and Concerns We Address Include: 

  • Stress & Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Expression of emotions

  • Coping skills 

  • Healthy communication and relationships 

  • Self loathing/self esteem 

  • Anger management 

  • Loss and grief 

  • Coping with change 

  • Trauma

  • Self care and personal growth 

Benefits of Music Therapy Include:

  • Safe, confidential and non-judgemental space for expression of emotions.  

  • Individualized music experiences to address your specific needs and goals.

  • Experience relief from symptoms, including reduced anxiety, anger, or depression. 

  • Develop the ability to tolerate and cope with emotions, and recover quickly after a difficult moment. 

  • Express feelings in a healthy way and improve communication within relationships. 

  • Feel listened to, understood, reassured and validated. 

  • Become "unstuck" and begin to make faster progress toward your personal, academic or career goals. 

What Happens in a Music Therapy Session? 

  • Your therapist will listen to you, ask clarifying questions, and determine any new need areas and checkin on your progress.

  • Music experiences, designed to address your goals and needs. These may include but are not limited to: 

    • Relaxation and mindfulness meditation exercises 

    • Sharing, listening, and discussing favorite songs 

    • Music making, such as singing and playing instruments (no experience required) ​

    • Music and creative arts experiences (art, journaling, yoga/movement) 

    • Creating themed playlists to support coping skills, sleep, or other need areas. 

    • Lyric writing and songwriting 

  • We make a plan for how you can take action between sessions to make progress toward your goals. 

For details on pricing, please contact us.

"Being human is not about feeling happy, it's about feeling everything,"

- Glennon Doyle

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