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Autumn Langston MT-BC

Music Therapist

Music has always been a source of fun for me.  I grew up singing in the gospel choir at my church. I didn’t realize it could be more until I started learning about music therapy.  As I learned more, I realized that music can not only be fun, but also transformative as people use it to learn how to cope with the stress of life. 


Now, I love connecting with the kids and teens I serve by learning from them about their own relationships with music.  I see myself as someone who listens to them and helps to nurture and support their connection with their music.  I believe in our client’s ability to access the coping skills they need to live a healthier life.  I just want to create a safe space for them to develop that relationship with music and uncover what they need to thrive.


In my sessions, I like to encourage my clients to have fun exploring music, their thoughts, and their feelings.  I bring a sense of humor to my sessions and prioritize creating an environment in which clients can feel free to express themselves authentically.  In my sessions, I incorporate musical games, songwriting, singing and dancing to help clients find and strengthen their voice.

Types of Therapy:

  • Music therapy for teens 

  • Music therapy for children 

  • Virtual music therapy

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