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Colorful Friends

Read more about the services we offer below or plan a time talk to us over the phone or by email.

Music Therapy is for everyone


We currently serve kids, teens, and adults with a range of mental health and wellness needs. Sessions are provided via telehealth or at our Dallas and Plano locations. 

To learn more about music therapy for children, pre-teens and teens, click here

If you're not sure if music therapy is right for you or your child schedule a consult

Who we Serve: ​​


Music, like all art, gives pain and our most wrenching emotions voice ...  It’s the sharing of art that whispers, “You’re not alone.”

-Brene Brown

Benefits of music therapy include:

  • ​Private & confidential space where you can express yourself and your emotions.

  • Learn how to use music as a coping skill to deal with strong feelings, stress, anxiety, and other emotions.

  • Feel relief from symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, anger or self loathing. 

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