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Playlist: Encouragement for Stormy Days

Hey music listeners! My name is Esther Craven, music therapist, and one of my superpowers is creating playlists for any and every need and occasion.

This playlist is called, "Encouragement for Stormy Days". The purpose is to provide listeners a boost on the WORST of days.

The music in this playlist is emotional, heavy, and supportive. Featuring primarily female artists, this playlist may especially speak to the ladies in the room. It is designed to be listened to in-order (so you may want to turn off the shuffle feature). Listening recommended on car rides after you get bad news, when you're so exhausted you could cry, and when your thoughts aren't being super kind to you.

Before I drop this amazing playlist, let me also say that if you're having thoughts about not wanting to be around anymore, if you've had thoughts about hurting yourself, if you've been thinking about suicide, you do NOT have to go through this alone. Let a family member or loved one know, and call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 OR text "HOME" to 741-741.

(Here's a direct link, in case the above doesn't work for you:


Esther Craven, MT-BC is a board certified music therapist, and the founder and CEO of North Star Therapy. She is passionate about using music to help young adults who are struggling with their mental health so that they can level up in life, be their best selves, and live well. Esther loves to solve problems and is available to hear about your challenges if you schedule a call with her by clicking here or by emailing


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