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How to Get on the Waitlists for Adult IDD Waivers in TX

Many of the families that we serve have long term needs related to their child's intellectual or developmental disability in addition to immediate mental health concerns. I always recommend getting on the "interest list" (waitlist) for CLASS Waiver and HCS, as these provide substantial support, but often require families to wait years (sometimes over a decade). Here are some highlights from each program, and links to learn more about joining the interest lists.

CLASS Waiver: This Medicaid waiver provides funding for therapies, including a spread of specialized therapies such as music therapy, massage therapy, and equestrian therapy.

HCS: This program provides funding for long term residential care.

To learn more about joining the interest lists/waitlists, please visit:


Are you looking to work with a therapist who can address anxiety, depression, grief, anger, or other mental health needs with a child with IDD/autism? Schedule a consult with us to see if we can help.


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