We're always looking for energetic professionals that are passionate about music therapy. If you feel like we're a great fit, feel free to apply to any of the open positions below.


Music Therapist - Traveling (DFW area)

Hours:  Part time with expectation to build caseload over the coming year. Therapist must be available 2pm-8pm most days of the week and all day Saturday. 


Pay: Therapist will be considered an independent contractor with an hourly rate for therapy services and an hourly rate for administrative tasks and will receive a W-9.


Facility Name: North Star Therapy


Location: Most services will be provided in clients' homes. Additional services will be provided in our clinic and other facilities.


Qualifications Necessary: MT-BC required. Experience with children and teens with mental health needs required. Experience provided home based services highly preferred.  Excellent piano, guitar, and vocal skills highly preferred. Experience working with YES Waiver clients is a plus! 


Population: Older children, adolescents, and young adults with mental health needs. Possibilities for expansion into other populations (developmental disabilities, hospice, grief, etc.)


Starting Date:  Beginning of January 2019


Description of Position and Duties: North Star Therapy is looking for a committed, compassionate and professional music therapist to join their team. Music therapist will provide music therapy in primarily 1:1 sessions for children with mental health needs including a variety of mental illnesses. Additional opportunities will occur to work with groups and additional populations as the business grows. North Star Therapy is looking for a music therapist who is willing grow with the business over time. Music therapist is expected to adhere to Standards of Clinical Practice and Code of Ethics set forth by AMTA. Therapist is expected to complete session/progress notes daily. Therapist will be expected to develop excellent rapport with families and caseworkers, and to be in frequent contact with supervisor.


This position is for you IF:

You want to be part of a team of music therapists!

You are available 2pm-8pm most week days and all day Saturday.

You are passionate about working with children, teens, and young adults who have mental health needs.

You are willing to travel to home health settings.

You are goal oriented, and want to work in a setting that values professional growth and a culture of feedback.


This position is NOT for you IF:

You are looking for a job that is 9-5 Monday through Friday.

You prefer to work solo.

You are not open to constructive feedback or fostering a culture of transparency.

You are planning to hang around only until “something better comes along.”

You are not patient for the growth that will happen over time.


How to apply: Please email resume AND references to Esther Craven at esther@ntxtherapy.com, and in the subject line put, "I'd like to join the North Star team!"